Monday, 1 August 2011

another day, right here

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We had a quiet day, for most of the day Dr Adams was home with Dr Elche discussing some of the test results that have returned. Though Shauna had some physio again, which did not agree with her. Anyone could tell she really didn't have the strength for it, however she pulled through and she's making good progress on the results.

Her nausea, however, has acted up again last night and today and we'll be monitoring this over the next few days, considering her treatment is scheduled for tomorrow. And with this we may need to be careful. Since the transplant, Shauna's immune system has flared up and down. We don't want to push her too far if she's not able to cope with it, not that she'll say. Its actually scary knowing all that's happening to her, I think I would have crashed long ago, not because of the fact that she has cancer or leukemia, but its watching what she experiences. When she wakes up in the middle of the night with a string of pain that she can't cope with so she wakes with a scream. A scream that roars across the hallways. THAT scares me. I instantly wake up and run to her, just to be at her side and to help ease things.

I don't mean to scare you reading this blog, but that's the reality. I can't remember a night where Shauna slept peacefully. Night shifts are usually the hardest around here, and I think that's why Dr Elche prefers to be at her side while she suffers this trauma, he usually has an idea of what to do. For us, it rings PANIC, trust the good doctor to know what to do in times like these.

She's an amazing person to be around though, spend enough time around her and she'll convince you that superheroes exist, that music can save you, that its not that bad an idea to "turn the other cheek", that the world aint that much of a bad place, that people are good, that things can go right if you believe in it and that you are amazing even though you see darkness in yourself. Yes, that's what time with her is like, that's what we get to experience.

Its all just another day, right here, where we need to be.

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