Wednesday, 24 August 2011

an update

After a very long meeting with the doctors this afternoon, I am exhausted! So tired. Before I get to the update info, I just had to share this. Today, some school friends of Shauna came around. Bringing positive thoughts, thanks to her friend Alex. We had a room with 25 school friends of Shauna including the principal of her school all wearing their school uniform talking to her. Each of them telling her how she's impacted on their lives. It was so amazing, a real superhero. Helping people and saving the world the way she knows best. I was stunned. One of the students read her this beautiful poem and this piece just stuck out for me:

This path I go with my eyes closed
My armor shining, I am fully clothed
For battle my is ready for
I can fight, say no more
I believe in who I am today
For my head, heart and soul are guided that way.

Such a beautiful piece. I know somehow she heard it, there was no miraculous reaction, there was no sudden breathes that she took, she didn't suddenly wake up, but I know, I just know she heard it.

And on that note, here's Dr Elche's report of Shauna's current state. Please note that the information that I am giving is factual, and I have Shauna's consent to post this. And just so that we're clear, I'm not posting the full report as some of the information may be of a sensitive nature and before posting that I would need further consent from Shauna, well or her medical signatory in the event she's incapacitated. (Sorry, I always wanted to put together my own disclaimer).

During the surgical procedure, Shauna suffered a minor stroke. This was confirmed today. This is the reason for her blanket state. Though both clots have been removed, the stroke has impacted on her body and has caused sever damage. Unfortunately Dr Levine and I were unable to operate any further due to Shauna's condition. We have to monitor the situation carefully as we can verify that she is NOT in a coma, thus we have hope. She still has much recovery and we are only able to assess the severity of the damage once she is awake, such as physical pains and damaged arteries. There is stoll the risk that Shauna may slip into a coma however our specialists are carefully monitoring to ensure that this does not happen without us being aware.

Also, *just off the record* Shauna's heart rate pushed up last night and though it came back down again, Dr Elche has said that it is a good thing, somehow she's responding and this confirms that she is just in a blanket state and NOT a coma.

That's the update for now.

If I do have any further information, either I will post or Dr Elche will let everyone know.

Thank you for taking the time and loving her like you do.

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