Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Woah! Too busy for time itself, I started typing up a blog update then accidentally deleted it in my rush to get things done. How dumb! Anyhoo... I spent some time piecing together all the needs and requirements for Shauna's treatments and scheduling sessions and things and my head is going to blow up if I look at Outlook or Excel again! And with the infamous Dr Elche annoying the life out of me, by calling me every 10 minutes was no joke. Yes Dr Elche! I can't wait till you're back tomorrow....

Maybe I should post a new schedule? Dr Elche... You best approve it or you'll have me and my reader's kicking your butt :-) seriously, let me know if that's all and if there's anything I should add...

Other than my reporting and scheduling and running around, I managed to get an update by Dr Adams to give you all. Since yesterday, Shauna's BP has gone up quite a bit. He met with her this morning about it. She's been having some bad dreams. She says they're not necessarily dreams but somehow something she's seen or experienced that she's just not fully registering. Dr Salie says that chances are, it may be something she's trying to either block out or something she's trying to remember coming back to her thoughts. He'll be arranging sessions with Dr Levine and Dr Eltoe regarding all this. For now, we're going to have a busy few weeks. Shauna's leukemia keeps weakening her (yes, she still has that) and with her being this sick, doctors will be treading carefully. Physio with Shauna will be put on hold, up until her lung muscles' "elasticity" has restored itself - that was Dr Adams words, not mine (sometimes he thinks he's so great he can say things like that) but I suppose all you readers have realised what was meant by that. And once its able to work by itself (without the help of the pump) and then we'll be able to start some form of physio, poor Shauna is so frustrated with not being able to be mobile.

He also said that Shauna's been having nosebleeds, this is very nervy to him. They're going to do scans first thing in the morning, it could be a small bit of nothing or it could be something, we don't know. She's suffered some nausea too, this is being monitored by Dr Adams himself. Dr Elche will be back tomorrow to be there as a support should Dr Adams require.

I have some more info, unfortunately I am unable to do so right now, but soon it will be posted.

Kellsie :-)

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