Friday, 12 August 2011

a broken deal, a sad face

So today was D-Day for Shauna's deal. She held up her end of the deal, and held it up good. With that the doctors knew she would have been really down if she got bad news. Taking this into consideration, doctors discussed this endlessly. This morning we met together to discuss the matter. Yes, Shauna held her end of the deal but truth is, her health that concerns doctors. Though they cannot hold her down here, they strongly advised against her leaving.

They met with Shauna today and told her that according to their scans done some more "clots" were picked up. These are nasty little critters because they have a way of getting to you at the most unexpected moments.

They will be meeting with her in the morning to discuss an action plan to target these but for now, Shauna's quietly asleep. She went to sleep just a bit before 7 and she just could not speak to anyone. Seriously, she really asleep! I promise you.

That's it for now, some more maybe later or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading my little short message :)

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