Friday, 19 August 2011

its just her

Shauna's the type of person that you could take to any group of friends of any kind and you'll know that she will somehow manage to blow them all away. Seriously. I promised a few friends taking the same course as I did that I'd help them study for their exams. But the problem is, I'm staying at the hospital for the next two weeks, to be on stand by. I let them come around today and Shauna offered her assistance to help with the studying.

In total, we were 7 people. And for the entire time we were here, they just sat and listened to her. She has that kind of thing about her. It absorbs you to want to be there and take note. Hhhmmm maybe I should post their results when they get it ;-)

Hhmmm I think she'd make the perfect teacher. She would. An amazing role model, a good example, a respectable person, someone with a heart for the job.

Just for all your information: please take note that surgery will definitely take place on Monday morning. More info will come asap :-)

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