Saturday, 27 August 2011

wakey wakey

And she's AWAKE!!! This might just be my happiest blog update ever. Phew! What a stressful week! She's awake! Awake! Awake! Princess Shauna's AWAKE!

At 08:55 while I was in the kitchen Dr Elche was asleep at her side and I hear a scream and in my freaked out state of mind, I just ran down the hall. And there she was. Screaming load in pain and Dr Elche trying to calm her down. I immediately called Dr Salie & Dr Adams to get there to help. I went into the room and inside I'm freaking out because of the way she's screaming and tears are streaming down her face. I froze for a second and Dr Elche kept telling me to make her comfortable. Dr Adams and Dr Eltoe like ran into the room to help her. I stood outside and watched while they were busy. I could have had a damn heart attack in all this!

Dr Elche is still busy with her now and so is Dr Adams. She's not screaming anymore however you can see that brave face she's holding. This is so hard for her, she can't move her left leg and her body hurts like hell. But that brave face is back, that face that makes things seem so much simpler, that face that holds back everything happening inside. She's so fucking amazing (sorry, it had to be said). I really feel for her family, her mother just left, seeing this is just too much and her brother, he's trying his best to be there for his mom. Its such a tough experience for any family, so overwhelming. Alex, she's in there holding Shauna's hand. We let Alex in to do this because its a comforting thing to her. Alex always has the perfect thing to say to Shauna.

For her family this must have been the hardest thing to experience. Seeing someone so strong break that way from pain, is no easy task for any human. And for her mother to be there, makes her a brave woman. Right now, Alex is talking to her which seems to be helping. She's randomly telling Shauna random things, and being an amazing friend. Thank you Alex, I really have no clue how you handle it. Here I am, spent four years learning to control my emotions and I still can't.

So I'm updating the blog now, because I will be on shift later and honestly I was so excited to post that she's awake :-) and Dr Adams has said that he'll need me to be available to help him.

So, now that Dr Elche is out, he said that she's awake and they have given her medication to ease her pains and to help her deal with the nausea and dizzy spells. However she may suffer from amnesia. Though a mild version. They don't know how bad it is, they only know that its there. They are with her now and Dr Elche can't give me any more info now. I'll probably get it all in our meeting now.

Oh no! That's NOW! I need to go.

Thanks for reading again :-)

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