Sunday, 31 July 2011

keep the heart strong and the rest will follow

"Keep the heart strong and the rest will follow" this os one of the many unique quotes Shauna uses. Its amazing to meet someone who says things like this and lives up to it. You know there are those many people out there who don't "practice what they preach", yes, I am one of those many. But Shauna, she lives up to every single word in the phrase she uses.

This is why working with her is so amazing. Its such a pleasure working with a strong person. Someone asked me a few weeks ago, "Why did you choose specialised care?" As a nurse its not really that great, because you need to be that person's everything, helping them to the toilet or bathroom, helping them eat, talking to them, motivating them. Patients aren't easy most of the time because they lose their faith after a while and become impossible, they give up and lose the hope that they carried in the beginning. Specialised care I chose because I met Shauna, I have now made it my life choice. Because of her I have now signed a contract with Dr Elche, she's shown me that people are not as bad as we fear. This is Shauna, this is life with her.

She makes you realise things that you never thought you could imagine.

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