Saturday, 27 August 2011

report from Dr Elche

I'm with Shauna now, we're just sitting here talking. She's going through some emails to get some part of her memory back. I think she's just frustrating herself here because she's trying too hard. But that's her, stubborn as hell.

So Dr Elche has given me some info to post here for you all, and here it goes:

Shauna's has absolutely no feeling in her left leg, she's unable to move it. This Dan will have to treat with intense physiotherapy and to be consistently monitored and observed by Dr Eltoe. Also Dr Adams has noticed that at certain points of emotional stress, Shauna's right hand thumb keeps flickering. Dr Adams will be assessing this. As for other pains, she still feels much nausea however pains and nausea have cleared up a bit due to medication given to her.

As for her amnesia, this is the big question everyone has, yes its bad. However, Dr Elche stresses that you need to remember and understand that she has only woken up today and may just be overwhelmed. This may lead to her not responding to certain familiarities. With this doctors do know that to an extent her amnesia is not as bad as it seems. They will be taking care of her. And checking up on this as much possible. Dr Adams says that he may need to do some scans to determine some answers to questions.

The effect of Shauna's stroke is clear, however there are still many unanswered questions. There is confirmation that she does suffer from amnesia, like I mentioned before its the extent we are concerned about. Aside from that, her chest pains are much lighter. We all need to get together with her to discuss all these things.

Okay, I really gotta go :-)

See you all. I'll send your love

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