Tuesday, 23 August 2011

just quiet day

Yip! A quiet day, too quiet. And not in such a wonderful way.

We had some shuffling around this morning discussing what we can and can't do, but still it just can't fill up our day. I'm even updating my blog now, why? Because there is nothing I can do and I HATE it! And poor Dr Elche, I'm so heartbroken when I see him. He hasn't left Shauna's room, aside from now to be in a meeting, but he just cannot find himself to leave her side. Its sweet, but heartbreaking at the same time. Just watching him there makes you crumble.

All we can do right now is make her comfortable, keep her in as little pain as possible and hope that she will wake up soon. I guess it was all too much for her. Our shifts have changed. We now have 6 hour shifts, making it a shorter time and my shift ended 2 hours ago and I can't seem to find myself away. We've set the television for her shows like The Justice League, Superman, Batman and the Green Lantern; and then reading her comic books to her and of course playing her music, 30 Seconds to Mars on repeat. I swear I know all the words already. I played some odd songs that I know she loves, still, nothing. I do this in hope that somehow she hears it and gets out of her blanket state. I know that it sounds corny like from movies or something but I just can't help but try.

she's just there and I can do nothing to change it.


  1. If you would, PLEASE let her know that we , The Echelon, are pulling for her and we are sending her much love!

  2. Thank you :) I have whispered a special message in her ear to let her know