Wednesday, 10 August 2011

1 year of the good and of the bad

So, its official. Its a year, a year since Shauna confirmed her contract with the trials. And today was all about remembering her, it was all about Shauna. The day started with some tests which Shauna was NOT enthusiastic about, much was due to her being tired. She sat up for most of the night. It was a restless night for her, she spent most of the night with nausea keeping her up all night and also the occasional meds being taken between. After her tests, Shauna was completely exhausted. On our way back with her, I still recall talking to her whilst walking with her wheelchair, as we entered into the room, I realised that she had not said one word! I looked down and she was asleep in her wheelchair. When we got her into bed, she slept all along. With the odd fever and nausea waking her up. Even the fact that her sponsors were here just hardly mattered to her. We cancelled her physio today and even though her physio was cancelled, Dan came around to join in our "little celebration". After she woke up from a really needed rest, she woke up to a room full of people patiently waiting for her to wake up to talk to her.

At first I wondered to myself, how does one approach this "anniversary"? Do you say "congratulations"? For what exactly? Holding out a year, and getting worse than before? But then I got in and Dr Elche was standing there. And I asked him, "how do you approach this? What do I say to her seeing that its been a year?" And his words were simple "say thanks for being part of our lives." I realised then that you really can't put any value to the time that she's given any of us. Really, its impossible. She's willingly sacrificing herself to save someone's life, like its her responsibility, like its her duty. Even though it isn't really. That's called being brave. Shauna's been put through a mountain of things and at any point could have lost her faith, lost her ground, lost her hope and she didn't. Not once did she give into any of those negative thoughts and that is truely a reason to celebrate.

And why Dr Elche says thank you? Its because of her, just her. She's been a part of our lives one way or another for a year and she makes everyday worth it.

So thank you Shauna, thank you for being in my life, changing the way I think, making me better.

Just thank you.

Ps. I'll post some thank you messages from the others later.

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