Saturday, 6 August 2011

chasing a dream

Shauna is someone who simply enjoys life, its the only way I can honestly describe her. As a fighter, her will is strong. That make's her the person she is. But the smallest things are the things that keeps her going. Simple things gives her joy and material things means nothing much to her. She's the type of person that would rather talk to a homeless person than to someone who has enough money to buy a homeless person a house.

Its just who she is, and she has her flaws too like us all; she's stubborn, doesn't care enough for herself, she hardly concerns herself with her well-being, she hides her true feelings and doesn't talk about what's on her mind. That's just how she is.

Thing is, she likes doing things that has a meaning, that adds value and makes someone smile. She doesn't fight because its expected of her, she fights because she values her life and she wants it to mean something. Its what makes her such a wonderful person to be around. She has dreams of her own, and I don't think I can share that, but in her dreams you can see much of the person she is. Its part of her and there is no day that goes by without Shauna taking a step closer to reaching that dream. I see it every day, and I am honored for it.

This was a short one, but it all had to be said :-)

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