Monday, 15 August 2011

thank you!

Thank you Doctor Elche & Shauna for an amazing report back! I just got my nursing clearance Certificate for "Exceptional Development" and for "Highest Based Nursecare" I cannot believe it! I'm certified awesomeness (that's what Shauna would say). So yes, I have my certification and I am so proud of it!

Shauna and Dr Elche, thank you so much. Its because of you guys that I have this certificate. I quote below comments from both Shauna and Dr Elche on their assessment of me:

Dr Elche: it is such a pleasure to work with Kelly, she's well organised and has great skill and potential within this area of care. Kelly has an exceptional personality and brings a positive energy to our environment. She has, on several occasions proven herself to be an excellent nurse and often participates in ventures beyond her call. This we appreciate and look forward to many further experiences. With this commendation for her certification, I also wish to confirm that with effect from 01 August 2011, Kelly has signed a future contact with our trials and sponsors as Head Nurse. We only wish for the best for her and trust that her career only develops further in this regard.

Shauna: Kelly is sweet, honest and firm - something I need around here. She always pushes to inspire and motivate rather than just working. She is professional and impressively considerate. She has a type of personality that keeps you comfortable and always respects boundaries. I love having her around and working with her is such a pleasure. She deserves good accreditation for her good work ethic too.

Thanks guys! I love you!

Kellsie :-)

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