Saturday, 13 August 2011

a love

Okay, so I am pretty much gay. That's just a truth and honestly I think lots of "straight" people are a bunch of hypocrites. Now I am not one of those "I'm so openly gay" people, I'm just happy. Me and my girlfriend, my girlfriend and I. I know she takes part in some rallies and is a firm believer in "gay pride" but I don't care, as long as we're happy together the rest couldn't possibly bother me.

So the point of this is, I know lots of people who are happy in their relationships and that's just for the first few weeks. And eventually that happiness fades. When Shauna and Dr Elche started dating the first time, I thought it was doomed. Even though most of the time we were hoping and betting and we knew eventually that they'd hook up. It was just inevitable. The occasional flirt, the glow on her face when he'd walk in, his smile when he spoke about her, the odd shy moments he would have when she asked him something other than what he does, the random stare they had. We just knew that somehow, one day it would happen. Then it did, we then though that it was destined for failure. Shauna broke the poor Dr Elche's heart the first time breaking up with him.

He was okay with her decision and understood what she felt, he just wasn't happy without her. And so was she, she was torn apart. When they got back together, somehow it was that they just didn't break up.

they are just so happy with each other, even though anyone with a logical mind would think that it could only end badly, they just are too perfect. Its good seeing them together. He's really professional when he needs to be and she respects it. When he's on shift she understands and respects his professional boundaries and he respects hers. Its really so nice being able to witness it myself. Because, I don't see that with so many people. And they just have this thing about them. Something that shows that what they have is forever. And like I said, I see people in relationships where the happiness fades, but with them, its pure and honest. They live in a terrible reality and at the same time they are each other's saviors. I forgot what love meant, up until I saw what they had.

such a beautiful thing. a beautiful kind of love.

Thanks for reading, I will post Shauna's schedule for next week sometime tomorrow. We've finalised it and discussed with her. Hopefully I can get to remember it well :-)

Love Kellz

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