Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Mission and The Deal

So, upon my arrival today at the hospital. I saw a really conflicted Shauna. I sat with her to learn that she had not slept at all. Aside from her telling me all the things on her mind, Shauna mentioned a deal she made with Dr Adams and Dr Elche.

For the record, Shauna's just finished her treatment and is resting for a bit. No she's not sleeping, just relaxing herself.

Since her father was here, Shauna's been talking non stop about wanting to see the snow on The Outeniqua Mountain in George. She said that its the closest thing to running in the snow she'll ever get. Her father lives in George and she wants to go with her best friend Alex to go see the snow on this mountain. She's been going on and on and driving poor Dr Adams insane this entire week. For this Shauna decided to cut a deal today. Since August is the last month of winter and September brings spring. Shauna then said, if things go well in the next two weeks, she wants to go. She's promised to eat her food regularly, to cooperate, not take wheelchairs down the hall, not to go to the children's hospital, not to push herself too hard in physio and to get the appropriate rest she needs for strength. Now, you must be thinking, 'why on Earth would they agree to this?' Well Shauna needs her break. She's been stuck here and has not been allowed much out.

Let's see how the week goes, and I'll keep you all posted, I'm crossing fingers :-)

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