Friday, 26 August 2011

We have a plan

So, this morning we met together. Dr Elche found it very important to discuss any plan of action should Shauna awake from her blanket state. Now, this is becoming a BIG if! Especially considering that she has been this way all week. Dr Salie & Dr Moolla advised that we need to ensure that she has full brain capacity when she wakes, thus we're monitoring her reactions, etc.

As per Dr Elche, should she wake, she would experience immediate discomfort. This would be due to pains she will have, she will feel a rush of various sensations, even breathing may be a discomfort. She will be disoriented and confusion may be the cause to a light panic attack on her side. Dr Salie's words were, "take caution with her, she may hurt herself in the panic" and do not shove her around or hold her down. Speak to her and hold her hand, do things that adds familiarity to her. She might also suffer mild amnesia, we don't know how serious it could be but its very much possible.

So that's what we are expecting and are preparing ourselves for worst case scenario. What we will have to do when Shauna's calm enough is to run as many tests possible to assess how things are going with her and what steps these wonderful doctors need to take. Dr Elche has put a plan together involving each one of us and a step by step plan for when she wakes up. Shauna would be so proud of him. Our sponsors are here today (just great!) and I have to behave myself, maybe another update later :-)

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