Friday, 5 August 2011


Those words rang through the hallways of the hospital this afternoon. We were in the kitchen, and as Dr Levine was making coffee I was whipping a mean smoothie to reward Shauna for finishing her food. While busy I hear the yells, "Kelly! Kellz! KELLYYYYYY!" And then as I ran down to Shauna's room I nearly died when I saw her smile.

The detective was there, with her confirmation that Home Affairs had finally fixed her Identity status. According to the detective, two people were arrested in connection with the case. The detective couldn't laugh enough with her about all this, he had issued her with a letter that could be taken to the bank for clearance and confirmation that the case had been solved. Shauna couldn't stop laughing at the discrepancies on the documentation however she's happy that her "death" status had been removed. I can sniff that joy a mile away.

And biggest issue in all of this was she just needed to go pay those kids school fees, it was the only thing bothering her. She's so glad she can finally contact the schools to make the arrangements to pay the fees. Like I said, she's a superhero. And one way or another, she's saving the world.

As for today, she's been doing quite well. She's really going all out to prove herself to go on this trip. I'm way proud of her.

I need to get out now... Thanks for reading.


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