Thursday, 25 August 2011

working hard

Today was surprisingly busy. For someone who's asleep Shauna keeps us all relatively busy. Aside from concerned family members, we had no surprise visitors today. And we had some tests that was to be run. This is just some feedback from Dr Elche.

Shauna had some bruising that reflected she had internal bleeding, for this we had stopped it this morning and she's still asleep! Dr Elche and Dr Adams done some tests today to see her reaction to things, its just something to see how the stroke may have affected her. These were minor tests, a prick in all fingers and toes, an ice block on her arms and legs and just simple things to see her reactions to it. Usually the muscles react immediately without your conscience intervening, they tighten and become stiff. This happened with everything but her leg. She may have nerve damage there however doctors will have to run tests to observe. Tomorrow morning we have a meeting at 08:00 to discuss movement forward. Dan, Shauna's physio therapist will work with her neurologist to find ways of helping Shauna. Hopefully, she recovers from this state.

For now, I need to sleep. Its been exhausting and my head hurts.

I will post more info as soon as I can.

Kellz :-)

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