Saturday, 20 August 2011

A quiet Shauna = A sick Shauna

Shauna is generally very expressive with how she's doing, with the doctors and nurses that is. We may never know how she feels but when we see her she'd let us know of any odd pains and so on that makes things a bit easier for us. And for herself, she'll outright deny any pain medication and sometimes won't tell us the severity of her pain unless its serious. Often times, she's suffering while putting on that brave face.

She's also generally not quiet, and she's always sick. But I have learnt that when she's quiet its because she really isn't well. Today was one of those days.

Alex, her friend was here this morning and for the most of today. She left just after 3PM and she was the highlight to Shauna's day. They have such a beautiful friendship. Alex understands the severity of Shauna's situation and is willing to be there for Shauna even though half the time Shauna's uncomfortable about it. Shauna doesn't like visators much, she often feels that when they around her they have pity for her, and as if she's weak. Which is true. People often do not know how to deal with someone who has cancer so they tend to not know how to be around that person in a normal sense. Alex, on the other hand, can do that with Shauna.

Shauna got sick just after 1PM today and Alex, being a good friend, held her hair back while she threw up. I checked on Shauna for a bit and when I saw Alex sitting with her, I arranged for a check in. After Alex left, Shauna was really quiet, I ran by her room often and realised she hadn't been talking much to me. She put her phone on the table next to her and checked it every chance she could find herself getting but she just didn't feel like much, no comic books, no television, no playstation. She was just in bed and quiet. And by 7PM she was asleep. Up until now, she has been asleep. I was just in her room a second ago and there she was, still asleep.

Chest pump has been removed today, Dr Elche has confirmed that Shauna's infection has cleared up and for now she needs to focus on just resting. Surgery definitely to take place on Monday morning. Dr Elche has booked an operating room for 10:15. I will update you on the details tomorrow at some point, after we have all met.

Thank you for reading xoxoxo

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