Sunday, 7 August 2011

welcome back Dr Elche

So today, the good Dr Elche and Dr Adams returned to base. Good having you guys here :-)

Shauna's face had an instant glow when she could see him. Dr Elche's cold has cleared and chest is good again. To be certain, he done some checks to make sure he was clear of the virus and he's good.

Also, today we had a visit from little Tyler. Now let me tell you a bit about Tyler, he's 10 years old and has several tumors, one that's inoperable. Thus, they are treating him daily. He is at the hospital we were at before, two wards down from where Shauna's room was. This was in their Children's Unit. Shauna spent a lot of time there with the children. But mostly with Tyler. He was somewhat closest to her heart.

Now let's talk a bit about the children. Children, in general, have a special place in Shauna's heart. She loves spending time with them especially the one's experiencing some hard times and the ones suffering. We always said she would have worked well as a pediatrician. Each Saturday or any given day the opportunity arose, Shauna would visit these kids and spend some time with them, she would read about Superheroes only, no fairy tales or stories, she'd tell them about superheroes that saves earth. Gifted people, dedicating their lives to keep people safe. In most she'd talk about the Justice League and the Justice Society. She even created name plates for each of the children and put it on their beds with their hero names. Tyler, was Green Lantern. She said she called him Green Lantern because of his dream to be an astronaut one day. And she often brought books about the planets and outer space and so on. She attached herself to him.

Today, he visited with his foster mother, Andreia, who was so grateful towards Shauna for always being there for Tyler. He sat with Shauna for a bit and had to leave after a few minutes. Shauna was so happy to see Tyler.

I know one day he'll be in outer space and he'd be thankful to the girl who helped him through.

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