Thursday, 4 August 2011

"who's the doctor here?"

Of any of the patients I have ever dealt with or will deal with, I don't think that there will ever be someone like Shauna. She's so rare, even her blood type is, no really, it really is. She's the kind of person that would drive you to the brink of insanity and bring you right back to normality at the same time and with that, give you a good laugh. Being a nurse or doctor, you come across many horrible and scary things, your job as a doctor is to face it head on, your job as a nurse is to make it comfortable and turn a blind eye to the horror of the situation. Many people don't make this easy, especially with us nurses. For doctors its easier to shut themselves down, that's how they've trained themselves, you all know the saying: if you afraid of blood you can't be a doctor? Yes, that's part of it. For us nurses, we're trained to care, to be there for the patient and to be there for your patient, no matter what take care of them, walk with them, talk to them, make them comfortable, help them out of bed and the list goes on. Thing is, you cannot care without feeling something, at least I can't. I get attached, which is what my lecturer always told me. He would tell me that getting attached is wrong because you would never know how long it is till the person is gone. My theory goes: Make an impact where it counts. That's just me. Well, Shauna taught me that about myself. I just love how she changed your mind from "normal everyday human being" to "I need to save the world superhero".

My point to all of this is that with Shauna its all easy going. I don't know what it is about her that makes anyone just want to be there, maybe its how positive she is, or maybe its her personality, or maybe she absorbs you, or maybe you absorb her. But she's easy and amazing. And she just keeps us there, and she keeps us motivated. Yes she does, I tell you if at any given day you feel down or look that way or you're exhausted she'll give you one of her pumped speeches that will get you bounced back. Yes, that's Shauna. We wanted to do some kind of team bonding experience some while ago. And everyone's ideas were put together and it sucked. We were limited to what we wanted to do because we needed to do something with her and it was impossible to come up with something exciting. And the best idea we came up with was to have a puzzle afternoon with tea. YES! TEA! Who on this planet drinks TEA?! If it was coffee it would have been more appealing, but TEA?

When we approached Shauna about it, she refused! She said that this was the dumbest idea on the planet. Her words were "we have an entire wing on this clinic to ourselves and you want to drink TEA?" And Dr Elche opened it up to her, needless to say our team bonding ended up to be so much better. We had a wheelchair race, played Hide and Seek, ate junk food and all stayed awake in Shauna's room the entire night. That's her, bursting with ideas and carrying so much information.

Today, Dr Adams was talking to her. She turned the entire conversation without him realising. After Shauna had delivered her own diagnosis, he walked away and immediately said, "wait a minute!" And she said "don't you have a job to do" he walked down the hallway and ran back, "Shauna! I can't believe I just listened to you telling me this! Who's the doctor here?!" That's my special moment for the day. $
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