Friday, 26 August 2011

on a lighter note...

So Shauna's still not up yet. We're still here. There was a huge accident on the main road and there were some casualties, so some of our doctors were asked to assist. Dr Elche stayed behind and we're only 3 here. Luckily its not too far away so if anything happens, we can call them in.

And now the few of us are half asleep and in our bored state of minds, we decided to just sit back and talk about our special "Shauna moments". Yes, we have many of them. Shauna is one of those people that just manage somehow to turn the worst possible situation into something easier to deal with. So here's some of our magical moments with Shauna:

When Shauna first did the identification check with Home Affairs and it declared her deceased, she yelled so loud. When she called Home Affairs, the poor woman on the other end of the line.... The more she tried to explain to Shauna, the more Shauna was yelling at her that she's alive. Such a special moment.

Her best falling down moment? When we were in the other hospital, Shauna was trying to explain to the nurse on duty that the wet mark on the floor is dangerous. The nurse understood but she was busy and said she'll call a cleaner, but NO, Shauna had to explain and illustrate. When she turned around in frustration she slipped and fell. Not too hard, but then she turned to the nurse and said, "someone could have died there!" And when the nurse finally agreed to clean it up, she got back up walked and slipped again.

Her best sneak off? Shauna has this habbit of sneaking out of her room and visiting other patients or walking around the hospital, sitting on the roof or just randomly hanging around people. One day she couldn't find her wheelchair, somehow managed to get off her bed, crawled to the closet and found crutches. She then snuck out and grabbed a lab coat, walked around the hospital and randomly conversed with patients in other wards. She was gone from her room for 2 hours. And there was another incident when Shauna also grabbed a labcoat and disappeared. With that, we still don't know where she went. About an hour later, she returned to her room.

Best wheelchair moment? She loves a wheelchair, not because she wasn't able to walk, but just for the fun of racing other people in wheelchairs. She even made me do that a few times. Yes, she made me and well everyone do that. Weird, but fun. Best wheelchair moment was when she raced for charity. She lost but raised R2500.00 for disabled children. Great job Shauna!

I need to go now :-) sorry, maybe I'll find the time to post more soon.


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