Sunday, 14 August 2011

oxygen pumps and heart monitors

Those are the two things in the world that Shauna hates most. Oxygen pumps and Heart monitors. She hates it so badly that she's utterly frustrated when she's connected to either. And TODAY she was connected to both. The entire night last night Shauna suffered serious pains to her chest, she yelled at the pains. After a while, we gave her some morphine to ease it up a bit, she slept then woke with the shock of pains and went back to sleep. It was like this for hours last night. Luckily Dr Elche was around to monitor it, he generally is good with this kind of thing, crisis management. That's his specialty, when everyone panics he stays calm and professional and does his thing. The others prefer planned events, it just makes things simpler for them. Dr Adams is good with Crisis Management too, the problem with him is that he tends to try too hard to cheer her up. Not always a good thing to do.

So the best thing to do was keep the pump running, sometimes her chest would completely close and the pump helped her to open it up again. After the shuffle last night with Shauna, Dr Elche decided to put on the heart monitor too, just in case the clots get worse, we can at least monitor her heart rate and check up on when she's in a danger zone. She hates it. But she understands its for her own good.

For the most of today her chest wasn't that great, she has a lung infection and its getting worse, doctors are monitoring and taking care of the infection as quickly as they can. For the week she won't have any physio, she'll need to rest her body much. Hopefully she'll actually rest. The week will go as follows:

Monday - assess and evaluate potential tumor developing in colon, rerun scans to ascertain - first priority!
- check in on treatment levels and timing
- decrease medication intake to 6 hours and not 4
Tuesday - reevaluate d/l scan results
- declot session from 08:00 - 12:00
Wednesday - rerun tests session booked from 09:15 - 16:00
- report on phase two test sessions
- treatment: Laser
Thursday - declot procedure and re evaluation of current medication, possibly bring to norm
Friday - Check in and report back : finalise test data and send results though.

That's kinda what our week generally looks like, its not everything but I just remembered the important stuff

Thanks for reading :-) and thank you Dr Elche for posting to Twitter

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