Wednesday, 3 August 2011

a shift ended

Wow! My shift just finished. Its 12AM and I'm sleepy, very sleepy. Shauna's awake too. She couldn't sleep so she's up reading some comic books and listening to some music. At least that was when I left, which is now.

I've been at the hospital since 6 yesterday morning which makes my total time there 18 hours? Weird, I'm not tired at all. And the time spent there was worth it. And from today, I'm back to my "normal" shift times. I remembered earlier that I hadn't posted the doctors shifts as well as the nurse shifts. This I will do later, once I've had some sleep and made a good smoothie :-) I tend to avoid coffee.

When sitting with Shauna earlier I realised something about her, when she speaks about things, she always speaks about the good, you can shove the bad in her face. She'll still find the good. Its weird. Like earlier, my girlfriend had called me while I was working, I texted her to let her know that I am working and I'd call her later, she was upset. No! She was furious. She always texts me at bad times, and I can't always respond time her at work or answer her calls especially if I'm on the floor (being around Shauna). Its not that Shauna has a problem with it, its just the "professional" thing, right? Apparently not! When I eventually called her, she flipped out, yelling at me. I think Shauna caught on when I got back to the room. When I told her this, Shauna listened and didn't tell me, "oh that sucks" or "she shouldn't have been so annoying" instead, Shauna reasoned with me, explaining why my girlfriend would freak out. Which was RIGHT! It was because I've been spending lots of time at the hospital, I think since Dr Elche has confirmed my full contract, I've been pushing harder and spending more time on focusing on Shauna's well-being. I admit, I was annoyed with Terry (my girlfriend) but I think after Shauna spoke to me, it made so much more sense. I called Terry back and tried apologizing and Terry flipped AGAIN! I was more furious than her for not understanding, again Shauna and I spoke, and Shauna just again, made me feel less angry. I'm on my way home now to make it up to Terry, I hope she's not too angry with me.

Thanks for reading all this... You're wonderful :-)

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