Friday, 18 November 2011

day 3

Its been 8 days since Shauna's surgery. Which is 8 days without her here. Since the surgery Dr Elche and Dr Adams have been back and forth regarding Shauna's case. Her vitals dropped so low that they had no choice but to move toward life support. Shauna's life now hangs on a thread and we can do nothing to save her.

I never thought that it would come to this. Her body has given up on her, that's the one thing I keep thinking. And the other thing I keep thinking is that she's such an amazing person and this world would really have a big hole in it if she wasn't here. Since Shauna's surgery I've been attending prayer meetings every evening at the church. They started this in honor of Shauna, a prayer meeting will be held every evening up until she wakes up. And I feel like that's just about the only thing I can do for her, attend those prayer meetings. When I attend Dr Elche stays here and covers my shift for me, and tonight's the first night I'm not there. My goodness!

So I've titled this blog "Day3" because on Tuesday Dr Elche had a meeting with her "medical signatory" (basically the person who decides and consents on her behalf if she's unable to) who has decided to give Shauna 7 days to recover and basically wake up. If there has been no improvements, life support will cease so today is day 3 and there has been no changes other than the spike in Shauna's heart rate and blood pressure today, thereafter it went back down again.

She's fighting it, I know! I can feel it! I just wish she'd just wake up and yell at everybody for being worried already! I even threatened to stop making smoothies and that got me nowhere!

Keep your thoughts with her, I have been wearing an orange ribbon in support of her.

Shauna, you're the rose beyond the wall is what I keep whispering to her, she understands it.

Thank you for reading

Thursday, 10 November 2011

midnight challenges

I don't think that I ever have seen or ever will see Dr Elche AND Dr Adams so angry and frustrated in my life! And now, so exhausted. Right now, Dr Elche is asleep at Shauna's bedside in a chair waiting for her to wake up, Dr Adams is asleep in the doctors lounge, both are exhausted from an eight hour surgery last night and then exhausting calls back and forth between our sponsors and the other hospital.

Shauna's case is currently under investigation therefore I am not at liberty to explain why the internal bleeding was only detected last night. Dr Elche immediately called for urgent surgery to take place and to get started within an hour. We all rushed and ran around like headless chicken. We got all the available TeamShauna doctors and they pitched in with Dr Elche being the lead surgeon. When operating, the doctors found what caused the serious drop in blood pressure and other vitals.

Shauna also lost quite a bit of blood but the operation itself was a success though halfway through some complications occurred. Dr Elche got Shauna cleared and she's doing much better right now.

And Shauna proved herself to be a fighter last night. She pulled through really much better than expected. We will be monitoring her closely and try to bring you all updates as regularly as possible.

With all the above, we have postponed her procedure that has been planned until further notice.

Thank you for reading, Kells

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Letter from Tyler

I don't know if you all know, when we were at the previous hospital Shauna volunteered her time to read to some children there. And they all loved her, she gave them each Superhero names and even made banners above their beds with these names. She was a real light in their lives. These kids had cancer, different types and Shauna gave them all something to believe in. Its what they loved most about her and they will always hold th time they had with her close to their hearts. Tyler was always more attached to Shauna and he always asked for her. When she was sick, he'd come to visit her. Tyler, had cancer and had a remission a few weeks ago, he starts school next year as a normal boy. His guardian is extremely proud of his progress and is forever grateful to Shauna for the time spent with him.

The hospital had a "Dear Santa" drive, to get children to write letters to Santa saying what they would like for Christmas, they asked Tyler of he could write a letter too. And he did, the nurses then told him to bring the letter to myself when he came to visit Shauna after she had read it. Here is the letter:

Dear Santa

My name is Tyler, you probably know me by now. I imagine that you know some Angels in heaven and my aunt says that they talk about me a lot, I hope they say good things. If you know angels, then you might be able to grant me this one very important wish. I don't want toys or money, I just want you to make my friend Shauna better.

I know she's not little anymore, but I think that she deserves a chance to get something. She's so cool, she even made me a superhero when I was sick and she said that if I get better I can do cool and amazing things. Santa she made me want to get better and now I am. She helped me read and write and now I get to go to school next year because I think that her superpower is to make everyone better even though she won't say it.

But I don't think she can make herself better, so Santa please ask the angels to make her better so she can make more people better. I promise to be good my whole life and I will not kick her doctor anymore, I just want her to get better please.

Thank you for reading my letter Santa.

PS. Santa can you also make Abbys dreams come true please, she's also Green Lantern and I think she's nice.

Bye Santa

Isn't that just the most adorable letter in the world? I had no words for it, I grabbed Tyler so tight and gave him the biggest hug of his life and I just said that I will give it to Santa myself.

Thanks for reading


Monday, 7 November 2011

the approval

Hello all readers

It seems that Shauna's condition has shaken some big heads around town, Dr Elche has got an approval email confirming that the procedure intended for Shauna has "the green light". We all know that at some point Shauna had to make a really tough decision about a procedure which was quite risky, she agreed to this and even signed the contract. We were planning on moving forward with it on 17 November, then the date changed to 21 November and then 28 November because we had been waiting on confirmation for so long.

Dr Elche has already set the requirements forward and the Medical Center has been cooperative in terms of its usage here. They are more than willing for us to do this procedure here provided that student doctors may come on board to observe its findings. Dr Elche will present to the board in the morning the possibility of the procedure take effect on Friday and is willing to take all the necessary steps in ensuring it happens. He and Dr Adams are discussing this right now. As for details, I will give them as and when the procedure takes place. We will put together all the information and so on and I'll give you all a walk through.

Shauna has agreed to this.

Speaking of our superhero... She's doing okay, her vitals are extremely low and Shauna has lost 13kg in the time she had been away which is barely a week. Her body seems to be fighting back. Dr Elche has explained that Shauna has been through an extreme amount of treatments, therapies and procedures and her body has taken most of it. Right now her health is deteriorating and its only a matter of time before it gets worse. We have given her medication to increase her blood pressure and if her breathing doesn't get better soon, we will put her onto an oxygen machine to assist her.

I can only imagine how hard this may be for some of you, and I am only praying that things gets better. And we all know what Shauna would say to us: Believe. And that's what I am holding on to.

Thank you for reading


Saturday, 5 November 2011

what a night!

Last night, well morning seeing as we've fought with these doctors since the minute we got in, we managed to clarify some things. For now, we're completely focused on getting Shauna okay. She's fine just in case you're freaking out with concern. Rest is what she needs to do right now. We're not giving her any medication as the doctors who have initially tended to her gave her medication which she is not to take so we are monitoring the situation.

Also, I had a yell session with Shauna's family this morning. Explaining to them the very seriousness of Shauna's situation that they have suddenly blinded themselves to.

We're just waiting on test results and Dr Elche is online with the medical board who demands that an investigation be done.

Just for your information, when calling any emergency ambulance service do the following:
1- Always give them the proper details such as where you are and directions would speed up the process
2- Always give them details to what happened, saying she collapsed on a staircase is NOT sufficient! They need to know more such as what she ate, is she injured, is she conscious, etc.
3- Always give them PROPER medical info, such as the patient has leukemia
4- Don't move the person around or try to wake them yourself if they are not conscious. Let the ambulance then tell you what you should/should not do.
5- GO WITH THEM! Insist on it, don't rock up hours later because everyone wanted to get dressed!

That's all from me


emergency alert! emergency alert

That's the sound my phone makes when Dr Elche calls. I set it that way because he always only calls if its an emergency. And today was that day.

This evening I got a call from Dr Elche saying that Dr Adams will come get me. Shauna was rushed to hospital and he's on his way over there already. I had my bags packed already for my trip on Sunday to Shauna so there wasn't really much to worry about other than what the emergency was. Dr Adams and I eventually made it to meet up with Dr Elche in a small town and I got into Dr Elche's car. He then asked me to make contact with the hospital. What is generally a 6 hour drive to George ended up being a 3.5 hour drive... Seriously. They both drove as quickly as possible. And for most of the trip I tried making contact with the hospital trying to find out what is happening and why she was transferred there and not to the hospital in the town she was staying in. Oh the frustration! The doctors were all unavailable due to them being caught up with other patients and we had no idea of what was going on up until we got there.

Dr Elche got a call just before letting Dr Adams know advising him only that Shauna has been admitted and that no further info was available, so you could understand our rush in getting there. When we got to the hospital, we were ready, laptop and charts and everything available. And guess what... We didn't know what to do with it. The doctor we were looking for was unavailable as it was his tea break and the nurses were confused as they didn't even know we were coming. I headed straight to find out what's happening and Dr Adams checked the charts while Dr Elche was looking for Shauna's family to find out what's happened.

Eventually we got things together, Shauna collapsed on a staircase. We don't know the extent and seriousness of the situation. Only after they had admitted her they saw the tag with her leukemia status and Dr Elche's details and that's when they made contact with him and gave her no further treatment or medication.

Right now, we have a meeting with the hospital director, oncology head and the doctor and nurse whom have been dealing with Shauna. The three of us are really confused and frustrated and we'll be dealing with these doctors to figure out what has happened as we still can't get hold of her family.

I need to leave now, and Dr Elche has confirmed that all updates will be posted as soon as we have the correct information. This may take all night.

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, 27 October 2011

hello hello hello

Hi readers :) I am so terribly sorry for not updating my blog of late. We have so many things we need to plan and I have been drowning in paper work and of course our hero who knows not of rest has been talking to me about going "paperless" and how that can help me and the team. And its working like a dream. So much simpler and I can see some happy trees out there :)

So our lovely lady has now also been released for home. I can picture all those smiles on your faces with confusion in the back of your minds. Last week we had the sponsors with external assistance running some painful tests and putting Shauna through the worst kind of procedures to test and push her further. I'll give you info on their findings in a second. Their determination was basically that she can continue through the trials, now Shauna was the one who initially requested the contract extension. She wants to see the trials through. From her side it was noble, from our sponsors side it was an excuse for torment (Dr Elche... I hope they don't know about the blog!) , I'm just expressing myself. I cannot imagine the amount of pain she took with a simple smile like its going to be okay. Its noble and respectable. Their determination (in basic English) was that Shauna is fit to proceed with the trials and procedures which are coming forth. Shauna's ability to handle enormous amounts of strenuous treatment and tormenting tests are noble. She's okay to move forward with her procedure and then an extension of 18 months further care( to be reassessed at the final month) will be provided by Dr Elche and his team. Treatments have been helping Shauna, it is without doubt that Shauna's situation is rare however the contribution made by these treatments and trials have been enormous. She's making a remarkable recovery and we trust that pushing forward she will be able to shift her current cancer status with the help of this trial. - yes, that's their stamp of approval, isn't that just great?

Over and above that, the sponsors asked Dr Elche if it would be advisable to send her home, which he agreed to. This is how it all went down. Shauna's home now and Sunday morning will travel the very long and bright road to Oudtshoorn which she is very excited. She'll be there for two weeks and will return to prepare for her procedure thereafter. I'm so proud of her, she's really improving. Sometimes I think that this cannot possibly be all science out there, somehow and in some way Shauna's will to survive is just too strong for her to give up. And that makes her a real hero.

Oh and before I leave... I just need to like boast about this in every way possible... I am no longer "single" or "dating" I am now, bewedded (I always wanted to say that)... Yes, apparently running off to weird places with the absolute love of your life just returns you as married, well in my case, I'm all life partnered up!

Thanks for reading :-)