Tuesday, 30 August 2011

pretty much too much

So, I was off yesterday. Dr Elche said that I could have the day off which I needed, but then again who could possibly stay away. I thought yesterday I'd go check up on her and take her one of her favorite smoothies. The smile on my face when she enjoyed it :-) having her back is awesome and for those who feels that her amnesia is too much, think of it this way, you get to relive all your wonderful moments with her.

When sitting with her yesterday, it wasn't really that long but we could speak forever! She's amazing like that, she went through some of the pictures she had and thought of all the things that she felt mean a lot to her. She mentioned that she felt that its by time that she made contact with some of her friends. It was a tough choice, I mean that you know the person and how much that person means to you but still there's parts and things your mind won't let you remember about that person. I asked her to let me know how it went when I get back to the hospital today.

If she made contact with you and you're feeling like you don't know how to handle it, don't freak out! She'll know. Right now, she's in a fragile state of mind and Dr Elche explained to us all so carefully that she's in the very first stages of this, she feels so many things that she's not sure she can explain and sometimes feel like her mind is playing games with her. Don't try to change the way you speak to her, she'll know and if she doesn't remember, she is highly likely to ask you questions. She may not remember certain things, but she remembers you! That's the important thing. Don't also push her to remember things, she won't! She'll feel pressured and her mind won't open up to the idea or memory of it.

Don't shun her down! Don't! Her emotions are what drives her now, any negative feeling may be detrimental to her health.

Other than this, I'm heading to the hospital in about an hour and will have an update for you all when I've gone through and spoken to everyone. We'll probably be a bit busy and Dr Elche is in Johannesburg with our sponsors that pays my wonderful salary :-)

Thank you all for the support and for reading, till later...

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