Thursday, 11 August 2011

a bit of the past and a walk to the future

Sorry for not posting those quotes guys, these doctors are really good at avoiding. But I'll have them up soon.

Shauna is a really creative and imaginative person. She paints, she draws and she writes. But with her creativity she also has a very very intellectual side. Not many of you probably know this but Shauna graded top of her class at school every year, she even made it top of her grade for the country. With high scores in subjects like Mathematics, English and well all the others. A really impressive person. I wish I had her as a friend at school. Her friends from school told me that she used to tutor them, with that she took time out of her busy studying and managing her medication and taking care of her little sister to help students with subjects like Mathematics, Business Economics, Biology, Afrikaans, English, Accountancy and Physical Science - a subject she didn't even do at school and she learnt it herself to be able to help. She used her breaktimes at school and set up lessons after school.

When school finished, she sacrificed a scholarship to go work and help her family get by. Now that is amazing! After that she found herself very involved in community work, helping out where she could, with Dance, Music and Art as well. And then she found herself in a community project tutoring some less fortunate children. She taught (and would still be teaching) there. This says a lot about her, who she is and what she is made of. She cares for people, and mostly broken people. She'd rather help someone other than herself. That is amazing.

Since I've met her, Shauna has always spoken about her dream. What she really wants to be doing. She wants to build a school, not just an academic one, but a school for all kinds of children, from various different backgrounds and even the poor. When she speaks of this school, her face lights up and you see instant joy in her eyes. She talks about things in such detail that she can actually picture it happening. The classes, the hostel for the kids, the education system, building college funds, community service, art, music, dance, sports and the list goes on. I really hope it happens for her some day. I'd like to help her make it a reality, wouldn't you?

That's it from me, more coming soon and thank you for reading.

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