Monday, 22 August 2011


I titled this blog "sigh" because that's how we all feel. Each of us today are so tired and exhausted, its ridiculous! Woah! What a day?! I don't think any of us could have survived this day unprepared.

So yeah, we were up at 04:30 this morning. At least I was. I couldn't sleep any further, I went to Shauna's room and it seemed like she had some difficulties sleeping too. I sat with her up until 05:45 and realised I had to be ready by 06:00, I rushed back and got myself done and by the time I reached her room, some of the doctors were there already, waiting on my. We arranged for some med students to come in today to observe. Dr Elche does this from time - to - time. He feels that its best we show them than they just learn. Shauna felt a bit overwhelmed, she used to it but today it seemed like her nerves got the best of her. I called Dr Elche and he was already up and busy since 5AM! That's him! He said he just needed to review some notes and will be in to wish Shauna well as soon as he could.

Shauna, ever brave, put on her soldier's face today. She even gave us all a pep talk before her anesthetic. She said thank you to us all, and that she was ready, come what may. Dr Elche sat from the viewing box, taking notes and piecing things together. And suddenly, the monitors went crazy and all I heard was this beeping buzz everywhere. I held my cool and went on but I think anyone could see the panic on my face. Dr Adams told me to help Dr Elche clear up and get into the operating room. Shauna was having a seizure. More like a panic attack but it was serious. Her entire body shook uncontrollably and by the time I reached the door, Dr Elche was almost ready to walk in. He told me to hang shift and let Nicole in to assist for the while. I felt so helpless, and I could imagine how he must have felt that very second he saw it. I saw him standing at her side, with Dr Adams and Dr Levine to bring her seizure down and as he was there he mumbled to her, I couldn't make out what he was saying, but I think deep down inside Shauna understood. He seizure didn't last that long but it caused severe damage especially since she was being operated on.

I freaked out on my side, which was outside and took a walk. When I went back I still wasn't allowed in. And Dr Elche was helping to operate. Eventually they got things clear, almost 10 hours later. I could see the concern on all their faces walking out. By then I was back in the OR helping with the clean up and preparing to take Shauna back to her room.

I spoke to Dr Elche who said that Shauna's weak right now, she's exhausted and sadly she's not breathing on her own. We've set up an oxygen pump and she will be monitored tonight. And for now, she's in a deep state of sleep, not necessarily a coma but bordering one. The ever exhausted Dr Elche is asleep right now, on a couch holding her hand. When I have more information from him tomorrow, I'll post something again.

Thank you all for your support and for reading :-)

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