Tuesday, 2 August 2011


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So today's song since Shauna got out of bed this morning has been Attack. Its a song by a band called Thirty Seconds To Mars. And Shauna is part of their fanbase named the Echelon. At first I didn't understand because she would say that they're family and I used to just go with it. I had the attitude that just said "whatever works for you" and then it became a thing I heard ALL day and everyday. Secretly I bought the album, and started listening to the music. I think I got the whole love for their music, but then "family"? I mean, really? Who calls strangers "family"? This makes absolutely no sense to me. Then Shauna got really sick and had been in a bad state, this was before leukemia was confirmed. At this point I realised why Shauna called them family. Goodness, I was overwhelmed with emails and messages for her. It drove me insane. Not just from them, the emails were from various people. But their messages for her were so intense. I got the point to it. I realised why she called them family, and with each message from them was no "shame" or "I'm so sorry" or "poor thing" or "life sucks anyway" it was pure and positive. I guess that's why she'd tell me to skip through all the other emails for just their messages. It was something that kept on giving her hope and till today, that hope still holds. It makes me smile knowing that she has people like this in her life.

The song "Attack" usually means "WAR" for us here. When this is Shauna's preferred choice for the day, we usually don't know what to expect. I think that is Dr Elche's fault. He drilled his fear of that song in us. As the day progressed we realised that the intention of the song was preparation, for treatments. Sometimes Shauna just needs a pump up for treatments. I've been at the hospital since 06:00 this morning. I'm hitting through two shifts, so there might just be a second update on the blog :)

Right now, I'm sitting with our oh so amazing Superhero in her treatment making sure she's okay, and she's held up good, besides the odd nausea. Which I'm jumping up and down for, another hour and she'll be done. Then my night starts.

As far as her test results goes, YES we have them. Still scary, however getting there. Her bloodwork reveals much to question. This is being looked into by Dr Elche and Dr Adams. Overall tests, still reveals the same as the others: not good or not good enough. With Shauna's case its confusing, at one point her tests results shows improvement and then it all goes downhill. I have no way to explain this. Really, I don't. With Dr Elche being home with all this information, he's currently relooking all the tests and the actions around these results being what caused it.

Yet she believes.

Okay, I need to leave now. Superman's calling. Another update coming later.

Oh sorry, had to edit... If this does not make sense, please understand that I really wasn't 100% focusing. Comment if I just made no sense at all and I will clarify :-)

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