Thursday, 29 September 2011


Hey all you readers, so sorry for not being this consistent with the blog, so many things happening at the same time.

We managed to do Shauna's treatments this morning and later this afternoon she had some physio with Dan who says that she is improving, but pushes herself too hard, BAD SHAUNA! Dr Elche called an emergency meeting yesterday to discuss some "urgent matters". I nearly had a heart attack! We spoke of many issues, one of which shocked the life out of me! Dr Salie, Dr Eltoe and Dr Mbekela have all resigned from this program, and not for any negative reasons. Dr Salie has been offered a position with the WHO, Dr Eltoe has decided to start his own practice and Dr Mbekela has been offered something a bit closer to home in Johannesburg. Guys, I wish you all well and I know you read this blog every so often. Know that we'll miss your presence.

Dr Elche said that he'll sit with me through the more admin side of what I'm required to do... I love my new job! Head nurse! Yeah! I rock! And he's set me up with the necessary equipment (laptop, office, the whole 20 yards)! Thanks Dr E ;-) and he has also said that we may need to consider employment of an additional nurse crew, possibly within the hospital. This he'll chat to me about.

Another topic was Shauna's latest test results which did not prove to be that great, the treatments seems to be helping her but her body is so weak and tired of all this that its not necessarily working at hand with the treatment plans. Dr Elche and Dr Adams are busy reviewing and investigating various options and have suggested something to Shauna to consider. Once Shauna has made a final decision about this, I will post some information.

Other than her test results, she's doing fine for now. She's been trying to keep her sleep patterns in order and is getting better, she just needs to take things a bit slow and understand that she's not as strong as she used to be. Some superheroes never learn.

That's all for now, thanks for reading.


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