Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I probably cant do it, but I sure as hell wanna try

Well, unfortunately, Shauna's motivational talk has been postponed till tomorrow. And judging by the way she's been feeling today, it may just be postponed till further notice or something. Doctors have decided to proceed with the treatment as was before the procedure. Its taking a bit of a toll on her but with her headaches and dizzy spells gone, this sounds the bells of opportunity. With her back on her treatment schedule, she's weakened a bit and is often too exhausted for anything. She's also doing her physio which has its additional physical effects. Thus she's just very weak and constantly drained.

Don't worry too much, she's still getting her regular dose of healthy smoothies :-) that I can guarantee though she has lost most of her appetite she will have the very occasional smoothie to keep her body's strength up a bit.

She is very ill too and suffers from nausea, fatigue, dizzy spells, the occasional black out, intense pain and this list goes on. So don't feel bad that she's not able to make contact with you much, she just is in too bad a space to keep her head around. She hardly has the consciousness to be around for long here.

So, the title of this blog is:I probably cant do it, but I sure as hell wanna try.

And the reason for that is, just Shauna. That's what she told doctors today, just out of nowhere she says that line. And its so amazing, and powerful. And she's absolutely right. They asked Shauna about possibly performing another procedure. For Shauna's ease of mind, doctors ensured that Shauna's general practitioner and previous oncologist were present to give her their input and direction. The procedure's a bit complicated to explain right now however I have asked Dr Elche to explain it to me when he has a free minute. I don't even know what its called. But Dr Adams told me what they discussed and that was her reply.

She's always so driven, by what I am yet to learn but she'll do it and jump right in. Anything to fight back. Its so amazing knowing someone like this. She's probably right too. I know that Dr Adams said that this may be a bit risky, but the result has proven itself to be good in the past. But knowing her health is deteriorating and she's so weak, she may not be strong enough for it, but she's willing to do it.

Thanks for reading, I have a meeting with my nurse on duty, will update again soon.


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