Friday, 9 September 2011


Another follower!!!! Yay! Helloooooo :-)

I'm so sorry guys, for not updating these past couple of days, oh I'm so damn terrible! I've been so consumed with doing crazy things that I just simply forget...

Now, let's update this blog :)

Shauna, well Shauna is Shauna. I have no idea how she manages all this. Sometimes I want to slap her, really freaking hard and tell her "Helloooooo! Its NOT FUCKING OKAY! FREAK OUT ALREADY!" Seriously! I wish you people could see how calm she is... It will most definitely piss you off too! I shit you not. Sorry for my vile language, well some consider it vile, its not that bad... But seriously, does ANYONE out there understand my frustration. When Shauna does yell or freak out or anything I panic, and feel like jumping off a cliff would be better than there in that moment.

So that's a little Shauna rant... I'm with her now, this is exactly how I feel, like PUNCHING her. That would hurt I know, but its so frustrating. She's sick, treatment has her worn down and she's out of it. Yet, she's here puking whatever she has left lurking in her stomach including some blood (I know, disgusting) but not for one second, not for one moment has she moaned or just expressed herself in pain. Any normal person could see what kind of pain she's in. Yet, she laughs. No, really! She's laughing. She's cracking up random jokes and LAUGHING! And you know what the problem is! As frustrated as I am, I'm LAUGHING TOO! Seriously! This is hilarious!

I'm losing my sanity its the only explanation I have....

So some news you need? Well, pretty much nothing has changed. She refuses pain medication. That's new... Well not NEW but you all understand the old Shauna refused pain medication and the new one well the one who doesn't remember refusing medication would tell us about her pains, yes... Her memory is coming back and with it comes the good old stubborn Shauna. When Dr Adams walked into the room this morning, instantly noticing her cringing in pain, he says "Hey, why haven't you told us anything? Let me get some pain medication for you" and INSTANTLY Shauna replied "I'm not in pain, nope, nothing!" And as the argument went on, Dr Elche replied "Don't even bother, she's refusing pain medication. She'll say soon enough whether she needs it or not" and she's still refusing. Great!

So where was I??? Ooohh yes! She's okay, herself, almost herself! And she's running a normal treatment schedule. Seems like she's actually coping with it. I know what you're thinking, but Dr Elche believes that she's making more progress than before, which is good. Now, she has lots of pain and right now physio is really a tough challenge for her. She badly wants to be able to walk again, but damaged nerves indicate that she's got LOTS of practice ahead of her, also considering how much trauma she has been through, SHAUNA TAKE IT SLOW!

Thanks again for reading, now Dr Elche better post this to TeamShauna on Twitter and then I need to go on my shift :-)


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