Monday, 12 September 2011

Goodbye Lyssa

This morning, before popping into Shauna's room for a visit a nurse logged a distress ring in room 12C. That was Lyssa's room, knowing this I ran to the hallway and standing outside her room I saw her doctor's failed look. Lyssa passed away at 08:53 this morning.

For those who don't know who Lyssa is, she's been a good friend to Shauna since we moved to this hospital. Lyssa had leukemia, and things were pretty bad for her. Shauna met Lyssa on her second day here in the hallway and Lyssa was looking seriously down and sad, like something had bothered her. Shauna randomly started a conversation with her, which cheered her up and like many cancer patients out there she hardly had any support and there was hardly anyone that was simply there for her. Only her mother who was here on the odd occasion. Shauna built a relationship with Lyssa, encouraging her every opportunity she got. And gave Lyssa hope, something that anyone could see Lyssa badly needed. She gave Lyssa a reason to keep smiling and to fight a battle Lyssa was prepared to lose. When Shauna got the chance, she would ask me to take her around there to take a painting or just to simply chat or play her guitar and sing a little song for Lyssa. It was something good for Lyssa and proved her results good. Lyssa's blood pressure reduced to normal, she hardly had panic fits and she was more positive and looked much better than before. Even Lyssa's doctors noted the good influence Shauna had on her. Though doctors stressed that it was too late and were prepared to move her to a hospice for special care, Lyssa was determined, she now had that reason she had been searching for her entire life. When Shauna was in a blanket state, Lyssa would try her best to come around or send her nurse to convey messages. She would tell Shauna in her ear about how much better she's getting and how much she just misses her or simply just updates on her leukemia. The messages she gave Shauna, it was meaningful and grateful and honest. She was a pleasant girl.

When Shauna woke from her coma, even though she barely remembered Lyssa, Lyssa would still come around and talk to her. She rebuilt a relationship with Shauna. A good one. When walking into Shauna's room and telling her, I could see the hurt in her eyes. Shauna is doing okay, I guess that somehow she feels hurt and when I spoke to her before I left, she spoke about Kyle and how much she misses him. And she just said: "I'm fighting, for them. Its that simple. I can't give up, I need to find that fight, the fight that made me win the last time and when I do I know that they will look at me smiling. Its not just my fight. Its a fight for everyone." And that is just Shauna, the real superhero, fighting until the final battle and not backing off for a second.

Lyssa, you are truly missed by all who know you. TeamShauna will fight alongside Shauna and not just for her but for the many others like you, like Kyle and like Shauna. We'll see it through.

Thank you all for reading this and I know that this is a strange request, but please as you've read this, around the world there are so many people suffering from this and they need your support. You don't have to be a donor, you don't have to give money, you can just remember them. Cancer is a disease and the worst thing it affects is the mind. If you ever meet someone who suffers from this, encourage them. Remind them that there is hope and let them know that they are superheroes and they can make it.

On a lighter note, tomorrow we'll be taking Shauna to the offices, she'll be doing a motivational talk and prior to her speech we will try to record it, perhaps an audio or video clip. If you would like a copy, let James know or comment on the blog or ask Shauna or something and we'll send it to you. She said she wouldn't mind.

Thank you so much and have a good night.


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