Sunday, 4 September 2011

why not?

So, Shauna's remembering things. Its good, that just means that the amnesia is temporary. As her memory comes back, her brain is being kept active, good thing. Guys please understand, SHE WON'T SUDDENLY REMEMBER THINGS! It doesn't work that way, right now, its all flowing around her head, and for her to understand everything os still very much IMPOSSIBLE at this stage. I know, its a bit hard but I promise you, pushing her is just not going to be a helpful thing, Shauna's mind still needs to resort all that's coming back. It comes back in flashes and is quite overwhelming, thus she has headaches, dizzy spells, and sometimes, nose bleeds too. Do NOT push her too hard, eventually she will remember.

I had to make mention of it! She had a visitor today, her cousin, who thought that maybe pushing her to remember something would help. It did just the opposite.

Now, let's hit some more pressing issues:

Tomorrow, we have the testing facilities to ourselves, this will be great. I'll be Shauna's side kick for the day. Dr Elche and Dr Salie will be administering all tests and will be running the follow through. Also, from Dr Elche's side, he will no longer fit into a specific shift, it was a combined decision yesterday that Dr Elche will remain on standby and will be called in to assist where needed. Its currently being done in any case. Shauna, however has physio scheduled for 15:00 tomorrow, hopefully she will be able to have the strength needed. We hope she does. Tuesday, we'll have a specialist see her to assist with her memory returning and to help her ease things and thereafter she'll have another physio session with Dan.

Wednesday morning, Shauna's treatment will be administered as per norm, and this time we'll start her off with treatment level as mild as possible and thereafter, we will assess any further steps to be taken. Well the doctors but I'll throw my penny in the pot :)

Thanks for reading :-) more info to come soon, and also I will be posting some information from Dr Elche once he has a moment to spare



  1. heyy, just stopped by...
    nice to know a lil about Shauna....

  2. Thank you, appreciate it. Glad to know you like.