Saturday, 1 October 2011

a simple update

Hi all you lovely readers! So I've been a busy girl and sort of enjoying it. Wow! I have all these new duties and I am getting used to them. It is quite interesting going through all this, for me at least. I have 6 nurses whom I lead and meet with to discuss things and I organise things and its all so cool! I'm enjoying it.

Shauna is doing quite well. She has been making progress, and good progress. She also seems to be taking her treatment a bit better. I had a quick discussion with Dan regarding her physio report. Seems good, Shauna is able to control foot movement and still not legwork. She has been trying to do this too, knowing Shauna, she'll be running around soon again.

Also, Dr Elche and Dr Adams have been researching some "options" and have come across a procedure that may be effective. The work done one this procedure itself is minimal and it has only been experimented thrice and this has been unsuccessful twice. However Dr Adams has so much faith in this, it will aslo be "useful" inline with Shauna's treatment and Dr Adams has now proposed this treatment to Shauna for consideration. Shauna is currently thinking about it and Dr. Elche is doing further extensive research on it and will advise our sponsors and medical board of his findings and opinion. They are hoping to finalise a decision as soon as possible. Shauna seems optimistic about this and has said that she's considering it. I really don't know much about this kind of thing, but I assure you if Shauna does proceed with it, I will post more information. And I will have Dr Elche give me that information once he has finalised his research.

On another note, I will be on "leave" for the next two weeks. My partner and I will be moving next week and we'll be heading to Kimberly to visit her family for a few days, leaving bright and early Monday morning. Alex, Shauna's friend will be updating the blog in my absence and she'll be updating as much as she can. Though I will call Shauna on the odd occasion to check in on her.

Thank you all for reading

Kellsie :-)

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