Monday, 26 September 2011


Woah! I have too much to say right now! Gee! So many things happened since friday and I can't list them all!!! But let me just say that Shauna's brother can put together one KICKASS party! WOW! What a fun night we had!!!!

Okay let's start this all off:

Friday, some good news hit us. During Shauna's physio Dan noticed something strange, Shauna was able to move her foot! Yes! Her left foot! She could move it around like left, right, etc. Just the foot and not her leg yet. That's REALLY an improvement in physio and Dan is so proud of her. It may not seem to be a big deal to you, but I swear for someone who's wheelchair bound its amazing and Dan believes that she may be able to walk soon. We hope. But this is great news. Seems like pushing it managed to work. And of course this crazy one still attempts jumping out of the bed and tries to get out of her wheelchair but no... She can fall so many times but she'll keep trying! Failure does not seem to be an option here.

And then for those of you who took part in our leukemia awareness program on Friday, THANK YOU all so much. It wasn't just about Shauna, its about the many others out there too, those who've lost loved ones and those who are struggling. Shauna showed me some pictures sent to her. Its beautiful seeing people take part in something like this. As Team Shauna here, we gathered some of the doctors around the hospital to meet in Shauna's room. What was really beautiful was seeing so many of the staff around the hospital wearing their orange ribbons in support for Shauna and popping in on occasion to let her know that she is in their thoughts and prayers. The service itself was a success from what her mother said. The church hall was full of family and friends of Shauna as well as the church youth group, their young adults group and senior members in the church, with some others who felt the need to share their stories in testimony. They lit a candle for Shauna at the church to burn at every service or gathering in support of our superhero. And of course everyone who attended wore an orange shirt. At the service the church put together a book filled with messages for Shauna and this was handed to her yesterday. So beautiful. Shauna also said that her emails got clogged up with supportive thoughts and inspirational and motivational emails to help her through this. Thank you, is all I can say not on her behalf alone, but behalf of our team. Its good to know that we too have a purpose here.

Well, here's where our superhero proves herself. The hospital Shauna is admitted in is on a mainroad that connects two very busy areas in Cape Town, and this road is busy day and night. Shauna's room is on the first floor at the front entrance to the hospital, its right opposite the first nurse station. And on Friday night, what seemed to be a drunken dispute between 2 men turned to a gang fight. We still have had no explanation to this, Shauna and I were in her room and heard these two men arguing and with them were two others and 3 women. Its somewhat normal for drunkards to start an argument around here and the front security guard moved to break the fight up. When he moved out of the gate, Shauna noticed quite a few people rushing toward the fight it seemed like quite a lot. Shauna moved her wheelchair closer to the window and yelled at the guard but he didn't hear her and got caught between the fight. He got stabbed in his right shoulder and the second front guard managed to pull him to safety. However, things got insane. The fight grew bigger and somehow managed to filter to the front lot of the hospital. 3 or the nurses finishing their shift also got caught between the ruffle and was rushed in by medics. And as the fight got out of hand, Shauna made contact with the police who couldn't get here quick enough and called the inspector who helped her out with the home affairs case. The police were there within 2 minutes and Shauna managed to wheel her wheelchair to the front entrance to help an elderly woman who was afraid for her life. She brought the woman inside and made clear the front entrance for medics to load patients. I don't know HOW on earth she managed all this. And Dr Elche immediately voiced his concerns about security again with the hospital director! Explaining the risks involved. But the fact that Shauna instinctively moved like that to help someone else and make way was just amazing. When the medics were loading some of the people, Shauna asked some of the nurses to bring towels and blankets to helps them. Then she moved to get water and tissues. Like I said! A superhero at heart!

Saturday morning Shauna's brother said that he was having a party and made an arrangement with the doctors board to have her there. Just so that you all know, in South Africa, Saturday was Heritage Day and its a day for us all to be proud of. Its a celebration of our diverse cultures and specially our individuality. So he smashed together a party for Saturday night and MY MY MY it was EPIC! He invited myself, partner and Dr Elche too. And we got on our feet the minute we got there. And of course our strong willed and stubborn hero refused to use a wheelchair and insisted on crutches for the night. After the party Shauna went home with the good Dr Elche... I wonder...

So that's it from me for now, well about our eventful two days. Shauna's back at the hospital with now beefed up security and on dial police service and new adventures. She's doing okay, physio today was good but treatment took its toll. And asleep she is now, hopefully a full night tonight.

Thanks for the read, more information about Shauna's procedure on Thursday will come as soon as I get the go-ahead.


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