Tuesday, 6 September 2011

im bringing crazy back

While the world sings, "I'm bringing sexy back" Shauna goes and says "I'm bringing crazy back" such a true rebel.

Shauna was in such a good mood today, I can't even describe it. She's been up since 5AM (yes, really) and started reading some comic books. Then after that, when my shift started she just sat there smiling like a kid who got a candy stick or something. Seriously! I asked her what's up, why the smiles and then she said it, "ITS MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY!" And me, quietly inside panicking just replies "No, its in November!" And she says, "NO! My other mom,crazyballs" (just so we're all clear, she randomly makes up these strange words and suddenly names us all accordingly "its Angela! She's such an amazing person and she's an inspiration! Someone I really look up to!" She went on and on about talking about Angela all the time!
I didn't mind at all, in fact none of us did, somehow we all love hearing about the people in Shauna's life that contributes to her strength, willpower and level of positivity. Its good to know about these people and Dr Elche makes a note of them all, its generally these people that we refer her to when she's not strong enough to cope or feels down or when she's just exhausted.
And if you're thinking "I hope she feels this way about her mom" don't even think it! Shauna has a respect for her "biological mother" that can't be explained. She loves her and often talks about how thankful she is towards her mother for so many things... So don't you dare...

Angela, if you read this blog, from myself and our team of doctors and nurses here wish you a wonderful and amazing birthday and wish you many more years of happiness and success. We thank you for the wonderful contribution that you have made in Shauna's life and thank you for being such an exceptional role model to her. She is truly a blessed soul to have such a wonderful person in her life.

And to everyone who sometimes feels like they're not doing enough for Shauna's situation, you do more than you need to. Shauna talks about a whole list of people who means the world to her everyday. And these things, this what she feels for you is enough for her to have hope and to have faith that she needs. Just keep believing in her and keep reminding her of why she fights this fight. You have impacted on her by just being there for her and I promise you all, that is more than enough!

Okay, back to the "crazy back" story... Earlier we were talking to Shauna about her "options", now let me explain to you all, Shauna made a deal with us about her test results and so on, in a meeting with her, Dr Elche advised her that this was her decision and choice, and she asked that she stick to it. She still doesn't want any information about test results and so on to be given to her. We respect this decision of hers. In our discussion, Dr Adams was explaining to her the extent of the damage the stroke had caused and how they would be proceeding in terms of her general health, the effects of the stroke and also taking into consideration that leukemia has to be treated at some point. She then agreed to certain plans which will be put in place over the next few weeks going forward.

I will post all this once the doctors have met and I have finalised all the arrangements with the hospital, hopefully this will be tomorrow. But the funny thing was, after our discussion, Shauna just burst into laughter. And I asked what was so funny and she said, 'I'm picturing Dr Eltoe singing "I'm bringing sexy back" back that didn't sound or look right so I pictured me and Dr Eltoe signing "I'm bringing crazy back" together' and she was signing the lyrics to it (well her version) which kind of just cracked us all up.

Thanks for reading, now where do I find Dr Elche to post this to Twitter now! Aaahh there he is :)
Kelly :)

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