Wednesday, 21 September 2011

a gift

The hardest thing I will ever have to do is get a gift for someone. Does anyone out there feel the same? Its such a problematic thing. Some people just aren't made to get people gifts, I'm just the type of person who will give anyone just a shopping voucher, its the first thing I think of when someone's birthday comes up or something. And when it comes to Christmas or my partner's birthday, I tend to take her a few weeks before to a shopping center and see what she wants. And then I'll secretly buy it and she'll be happy, but I hate getting other people things. Its my thought for the day, only beccause its my partner's mother's birthday. SUCKS!

Well back to our lovely sweetheart. Shauna is doing okay, considering all her throwing up today. She's not felt too great but she's trying her best to piece herself through. Also, today she decided to send her email to various associations supporting her. There are quite a few cancer organizations supporting cancer patients and Shauna's on the support list with many of them. She sends them feedback on how she's doing when she gets the chance and also she sends some messages and poems and inspiring thoughts for them to send around to others in support as well. Perhaps in the morning, I'll include it on this blog as an update? We'll see...

Dr Adams has been in here quite often today to check on his favorite superhero. And he said that he'd be doing more regular checks. We'll be all meeting together on Friday afternoon to discuss somethings. And it seems like Dr Elche has received the go ahead for the trials to run with more patients. We're going to see how it works out, hopefully things work out better with Shauna. This was just a quick pop in, sorry guys I have been so busy with new things that are just driving me crazy. Dr Elche and I will meet later, yes later, that is only if Shauna manages to sleep the entire night without getting sick to discuss all our things.

For now, I need some sleep :-) thanks for reading

Kellz :)

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