Thursday, 20 October 2011

I'm back

Oooooh I am back ladies and gents :) back to have some fun... Thank you Alex for all your updates on our superhero, I guess you're better at this than me. You will be missed when you're gone.

So, anyone want some info on our superhero? She's doing extra great now that she's got smoothies coming back. I heard that there was a failed attempt at making these... Shauna, I swear that I won't leave you smoothieless again. She's been quite tough, the trial assessors (being our sponsors) are here assessing the success of the trials thus far and whether Shauna should be continuing or not and further assessing the succession of the trials. Shauna has been put through a ridiculous amount of painful testing and procedures and still has two more days of this kind of scrutiny (I think its spelt that way). And for now, we can do nothing but hope she's okay, if at any point she can't cope she has to let them know. Yeah! Like that will happen!

She's strong, and has been strong all this time, I know she'll do okay. She's managed to walk a bit better, and is able to hold a significant pace so we're all proud.

That's enough from me for now, I'll have to get back to the hospital now.

Thanks for reading


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