Monday, 3 October 2011

I'm Alex

So... This is SavingASuperhero... Perfect. I like this title Kelly! Great job! Its actually the first time I've read the blog, to be honest, I've read snippets but not all the posts. Again... Great Job Kelly!

So I am Alex, Shauna's best friend... Oops I meant adopted sister (that gets me in outside visiting hours) and I just love her! She's so NICE! I'm nasty, bitchy and depressive but Shauna... She's nice. We complement each other like that. Like superman and greenarrow. Just perfect! No, I haven't known her my entire life, and as her "adopted sister" I wish I did. Seriously! She's been so great, but I'm more badass ;)

Shauna's so amazing, I don't think people see it much but she's a real superhero. that's what I love about this blog title, these guys over here are really saving a superhero. She is so strong and I am convinced that she's superhuman! Definitely from Krypton. Who ON EARTH could go through half the things she does? Would you? I know I wouldn't, the minute I hear cancer, I'd die... Just because I wouldn't be able to cope with it.

And again! SHE'S SO NICE! Here's a good example: she has this ex, he's a bright idiot! They dated for a while (like 2 years) and he dumped her with a TEXT message, and why? BECAUSE SHE HAD CANCER! What a damn jerk?! And all she says is "its okay, I understand" noooooo Shauna! You don't let anyone do that to you and say "its okay"! Seriously! Then this idiot has the NERVE to invite her to his wedding, which she "RESPECTFULLY" declined! Whyyyyyy Shauna, WHY?! I even suggested going all green arrow and blowing up the place or ruining the wedding somehow and she refuses to let me intervene! Why does he get the happy ending? Someone explain this to me please?! *sigh*

Okay, done with the anger outburst. I'm glad she has someone like James now, he respects her and doesn't treat her differently. He's decent and makes her laugh, he keeps her happy.

Shauna was doing okay today, she had her treatments which made her a bit sick but after that, she was quite well. And of course, she was her normal self again making fun of everything, and destroying me with her cancer jokes. Funny, Shauna funny. Also, she had some tests done today, hopefully I'll be able to get some info on that and get it posted up here somehow. Other than all the treatments and crazy tests, she's okay. As okay as can be.


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