Tuesday, 11 October 2011

busy times

So now Shauna's doing so much better. Everyone can see that she's getting stronger and stronger everyday. Yesterday she managed to walk 3 times across her room, and when she went the third time she let go of her support, which is her walking stick. When she got to the window she collapsed but still that is very fucking awesome! I thought it was so amazing! And of course James had this mini heart attack when she fell down (cute). I just love how protective he is of her, I think its adorable!

So Shauna signed the consent for this new procedure that the doctors are proposing. It sounds pretty scary but I trust Shauna to make the decisions that are good for her. So I'm supporting whatever she's okay and comfortable with. The procedure is intense and quite painful, as far as I am aware its only been done 3 times and not once successful. But I can see that these doctors are working around the clock on researching this matter! And they were able to answer any questions we had. So I am confident that this may work. The date confirmed for this procedure is 16 Novemeber - 1 December. Its pretty intense and I know I'll screw it up so if you wanna know more ask either James or Shauna, they'll know how to answer you.

And then the results, James says that Shauna's stable for now but any spike's in her blood pressure could trigger another panic fit, she doesn't need additional stresses... You hear that family?! I should slap that all in their faces. But we're moving on... Her body's responses to treatments are still the same, but it seems like she's handling things better. She also has made impressive progress in physio, showing off her willpower. I'm so proud of her.

Tests revealed that she has no scary things like tumors and stuff and no clots either.. Let's all party!!!

That's all for now :)

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