Thursday, 27 October 2011

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Hi readers :) I am so terribly sorry for not updating my blog of late. We have so many things we need to plan and I have been drowning in paper work and of course our hero who knows not of rest has been talking to me about going "paperless" and how that can help me and the team. And its working like a dream. So much simpler and I can see some happy trees out there :)

So our lovely lady has now also been released for home. I can picture all those smiles on your faces with confusion in the back of your minds. Last week we had the sponsors with external assistance running some painful tests and putting Shauna through the worst kind of procedures to test and push her further. I'll give you info on their findings in a second. Their determination was basically that she can continue through the trials, now Shauna was the one who initially requested the contract extension. She wants to see the trials through. From her side it was noble, from our sponsors side it was an excuse for torment (Dr Elche... I hope they don't know about the blog!) , I'm just expressing myself. I cannot imagine the amount of pain she took with a simple smile like its going to be okay. Its noble and respectable. Their determination (in basic English) was that Shauna is fit to proceed with the trials and procedures which are coming forth. Shauna's ability to handle enormous amounts of strenuous treatment and tormenting tests are noble. She's okay to move forward with her procedure and then an extension of 18 months further care( to be reassessed at the final month) will be provided by Dr Elche and his team. Treatments have been helping Shauna, it is without doubt that Shauna's situation is rare however the contribution made by these treatments and trials have been enormous. She's making a remarkable recovery and we trust that pushing forward she will be able to shift her current cancer status with the help of this trial. - yes, that's their stamp of approval, isn't that just great?

Over and above that, the sponsors asked Dr Elche if it would be advisable to send her home, which he agreed to. This is how it all went down. Shauna's home now and Sunday morning will travel the very long and bright road to Oudtshoorn which she is very excited. She'll be there for two weeks and will return to prepare for her procedure thereafter. I'm so proud of her, she's really improving. Sometimes I think that this cannot possibly be all science out there, somehow and in some way Shauna's will to survive is just too strong for her to give up. And that makes her a real hero.

Oh and before I leave... I just need to like boast about this in every way possible... I am no longer "single" or "dating" I am now, bewedded (I always wanted to say that)... Yes, apparently running off to weird places with the absolute love of your life just returns you as married, well in my case, I'm all life partnered up!

Thanks for reading :-)

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