Friday, 14 October 2011

heroes heroes where art thou heroes

Did that just make any sense?

I just had such an interesting conversation with our local superhero, and I've officially titled this conversation the title of this blog post. Somewhere in my mind there is a cabinet with files and folders and this cabinet is labeled "Shauna" and the folder named "Heroes, Heroes, where for art thou Heroes" and Shauna and I were conversing about it actually this morning. We were saying that this day and age is when heroes are needed most. Don't you all agree? Superman managed to stop a war (well a few), bring down crime, screw over corruption, stopping crazy alien invasions and saved the simple people like you and me and through all of this he was a role model. Jerry Siegel once said that we're all heroes in our own way, and we may not have the abilities like superman that can fly, shoot fire from his eye, run faster than a speeding bullet and so on but its in us. So what ever happened to that, the kids who played outside pretending to be superheroes, the awesome games you'd play with your friends outside, the not so hurtful words you'd throw at your friends.. Where did that all go? What happened to the kids who lived like that? I'm not asking it.. It was Shauna's thoughts but made me realise the same thing.. Its so strange how the world is today compared to what it was growing up.

Its just a thought I'm throwing out there.

Shauna's doing great. Well, getting there at least (think positive, think positive). She's walking on her own, limping but walking. Seems like our Garden Route trip may just plan out after all...

She's been holding strong on her treatments too. She takes it hard but she's ready and prepared. I'm proud!

Well, that's me for now.


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