Saturday, 5 November 2011

emergency alert! emergency alert

That's the sound my phone makes when Dr Elche calls. I set it that way because he always only calls if its an emergency. And today was that day.

This evening I got a call from Dr Elche saying that Dr Adams will come get me. Shauna was rushed to hospital and he's on his way over there already. I had my bags packed already for my trip on Sunday to Shauna so there wasn't really much to worry about other than what the emergency was. Dr Adams and I eventually made it to meet up with Dr Elche in a small town and I got into Dr Elche's car. He then asked me to make contact with the hospital. What is generally a 6 hour drive to George ended up being a 3.5 hour drive... Seriously. They both drove as quickly as possible. And for most of the trip I tried making contact with the hospital trying to find out what is happening and why she was transferred there and not to the hospital in the town she was staying in. Oh the frustration! The doctors were all unavailable due to them being caught up with other patients and we had no idea of what was going on up until we got there.

Dr Elche got a call just before letting Dr Adams know advising him only that Shauna has been admitted and that no further info was available, so you could understand our rush in getting there. When we got to the hospital, we were ready, laptop and charts and everything available. And guess what... We didn't know what to do with it. The doctor we were looking for was unavailable as it was his tea break and the nurses were confused as they didn't even know we were coming. I headed straight to find out what's happening and Dr Adams checked the charts while Dr Elche was looking for Shauna's family to find out what's happened.

Eventually we got things together, Shauna collapsed on a staircase. We don't know the extent and seriousness of the situation. Only after they had admitted her they saw the tag with her leukemia status and Dr Elche's details and that's when they made contact with him and gave her no further treatment or medication.

Right now, we have a meeting with the hospital director, oncology head and the doctor and nurse whom have been dealing with Shauna. The three of us are really confused and frustrated and we'll be dealing with these doctors to figure out what has happened as we still can't get hold of her family.

I need to leave now, and Dr Elche has confirmed that all updates will be posted as soon as we have the correct information. This may take all night.

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