Saturday, 5 November 2011

what a night!

Last night, well morning seeing as we've fought with these doctors since the minute we got in, we managed to clarify some things. For now, we're completely focused on getting Shauna okay. She's fine just in case you're freaking out with concern. Rest is what she needs to do right now. We're not giving her any medication as the doctors who have initially tended to her gave her medication which she is not to take so we are monitoring the situation.

Also, I had a yell session with Shauna's family this morning. Explaining to them the very seriousness of Shauna's situation that they have suddenly blinded themselves to.

We're just waiting on test results and Dr Elche is online with the medical board who demands that an investigation be done.

Just for your information, when calling any emergency ambulance service do the following:
1- Always give them the proper details such as where you are and directions would speed up the process
2- Always give them details to what happened, saying she collapsed on a staircase is NOT sufficient! They need to know more such as what she ate, is she injured, is she conscious, etc.
3- Always give them PROPER medical info, such as the patient has leukemia
4- Don't move the person around or try to wake them yourself if they are not conscious. Let the ambulance then tell you what you should/should not do.
5- GO WITH THEM! Insist on it, don't rock up hours later because everyone wanted to get dressed!

That's all from me


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