Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Letter from Tyler

I don't know if you all know, when we were at the previous hospital Shauna volunteered her time to read to some children there. And they all loved her, she gave them each Superhero names and even made banners above their beds with these names. She was a real light in their lives. These kids had cancer, different types and Shauna gave them all something to believe in. Its what they loved most about her and they will always hold th time they had with her close to their hearts. Tyler was always more attached to Shauna and he always asked for her. When she was sick, he'd come to visit her. Tyler, had cancer and had a remission a few weeks ago, he starts school next year as a normal boy. His guardian is extremely proud of his progress and is forever grateful to Shauna for the time spent with him.

The hospital had a "Dear Santa" drive, to get children to write letters to Santa saying what they would like for Christmas, they asked Tyler of he could write a letter too. And he did, the nurses then told him to bring the letter to myself when he came to visit Shauna after she had read it. Here is the letter:

Dear Santa

My name is Tyler, you probably know me by now. I imagine that you know some Angels in heaven and my aunt says that they talk about me a lot, I hope they say good things. If you know angels, then you might be able to grant me this one very important wish. I don't want toys or money, I just want you to make my friend Shauna better.

I know she's not little anymore, but I think that she deserves a chance to get something. She's so cool, she even made me a superhero when I was sick and she said that if I get better I can do cool and amazing things. Santa she made me want to get better and now I am. She helped me read and write and now I get to go to school next year because I think that her superpower is to make everyone better even though she won't say it.

But I don't think she can make herself better, so Santa please ask the angels to make her better so she can make more people better. I promise to be good my whole life and I will not kick her doctor anymore, I just want her to get better please.

Thank you for reading my letter Santa.

PS. Santa can you also make Abbys dreams come true please, she's also Green Lantern and I think she's nice.

Bye Santa

Isn't that just the most adorable letter in the world? I had no words for it, I grabbed Tyler so tight and gave him the biggest hug of his life and I just said that I will give it to Santa myself.

Thanks for reading


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  1. OMG!!! I'm crying so hard. This boy is just so amazing!! He's the sweetest boy that I ever got to know (kind of).

    Kelly, can I ask you to deliver a message to Tyler the next time he comes and visits Shauna?

    Could you tell him that, if Santa makes his dream come true, mine will come true too. We share a SuperPower but we also share this dream. And he's a much better super hero than I am. He's amazing.

    Thank you for posting that letter. I wish I could hug Tyler too.