Friday, 18 November 2011

day 3

Its been 8 days since Shauna's surgery. Which is 8 days without her here. Since the surgery Dr Elche and Dr Adams have been back and forth regarding Shauna's case. Her vitals dropped so low that they had no choice but to move toward life support. Shauna's life now hangs on a thread and we can do nothing to save her.

I never thought that it would come to this. Her body has given up on her, that's the one thing I keep thinking. And the other thing I keep thinking is that she's such an amazing person and this world would really have a big hole in it if she wasn't here. Since Shauna's surgery I've been attending prayer meetings every evening at the church. They started this in honor of Shauna, a prayer meeting will be held every evening up until she wakes up. And I feel like that's just about the only thing I can do for her, attend those prayer meetings. When I attend Dr Elche stays here and covers my shift for me, and tonight's the first night I'm not there. My goodness!

So I've titled this blog "Day3" because on Tuesday Dr Elche had a meeting with her "medical signatory" (basically the person who decides and consents on her behalf if she's unable to) who has decided to give Shauna 7 days to recover and basically wake up. If there has been no improvements, life support will cease so today is day 3 and there has been no changes other than the spike in Shauna's heart rate and blood pressure today, thereafter it went back down again.

She's fighting it, I know! I can feel it! I just wish she'd just wake up and yell at everybody for being worried already! I even threatened to stop making smoothies and that got me nowhere!

Keep your thoughts with her, I have been wearing an orange ribbon in support of her.

Shauna, you're the rose beyond the wall is what I keep whispering to her, she understands it.

Thank you for reading

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