Monday, 7 November 2011

the approval

Hello all readers

It seems that Shauna's condition has shaken some big heads around town, Dr Elche has got an approval email confirming that the procedure intended for Shauna has "the green light". We all know that at some point Shauna had to make a really tough decision about a procedure which was quite risky, she agreed to this and even signed the contract. We were planning on moving forward with it on 17 November, then the date changed to 21 November and then 28 November because we had been waiting on confirmation for so long.

Dr Elche has already set the requirements forward and the Medical Center has been cooperative in terms of its usage here. They are more than willing for us to do this procedure here provided that student doctors may come on board to observe its findings. Dr Elche will present to the board in the morning the possibility of the procedure take effect on Friday and is willing to take all the necessary steps in ensuring it happens. He and Dr Adams are discussing this right now. As for details, I will give them as and when the procedure takes place. We will put together all the information and so on and I'll give you all a walk through.

Shauna has agreed to this.

Speaking of our superhero... She's doing okay, her vitals are extremely low and Shauna has lost 13kg in the time she had been away which is barely a week. Her body seems to be fighting back. Dr Elche has explained that Shauna has been through an extreme amount of treatments, therapies and procedures and her body has taken most of it. Right now her health is deteriorating and its only a matter of time before it gets worse. We have given her medication to increase her blood pressure and if her breathing doesn't get better soon, we will put her onto an oxygen machine to assist her.

I can only imagine how hard this may be for some of you, and I am only praying that things gets better. And we all know what Shauna would say to us: Believe. And that's what I am holding on to.

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