Thursday, 10 November 2011

midnight challenges

I don't think that I ever have seen or ever will see Dr Elche AND Dr Adams so angry and frustrated in my life! And now, so exhausted. Right now, Dr Elche is asleep at Shauna's bedside in a chair waiting for her to wake up, Dr Adams is asleep in the doctors lounge, both are exhausted from an eight hour surgery last night and then exhausting calls back and forth between our sponsors and the other hospital.

Shauna's case is currently under investigation therefore I am not at liberty to explain why the internal bleeding was only detected last night. Dr Elche immediately called for urgent surgery to take place and to get started within an hour. We all rushed and ran around like headless chicken. We got all the available TeamShauna doctors and they pitched in with Dr Elche being the lead surgeon. When operating, the doctors found what caused the serious drop in blood pressure and other vitals.

Shauna also lost quite a bit of blood but the operation itself was a success though halfway through some complications occurred. Dr Elche got Shauna cleared and she's doing much better right now.

And Shauna proved herself to be a fighter last night. She pulled through really much better than expected. We will be monitoring her closely and try to bring you all updates as regularly as possible.

With all the above, we have postponed her procedure that has been planned until further notice.

Thank you for reading, Kells

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