Thursday, 28 July 2011


Today, not much was done. Shauna has been experiencing some serious amounts of pain lately and nausea seems to be taking over most of the time. Between this and tests today, Shauna really is quite exhausted. Though, she seems to carry a huge smile to hear from her sister in Kuwait, Dana. She hasn't heard from Dana much, up until Dana emailed her late evening yesterday. She says she is really happy to be hearing from her sister again.

Some blood tests were done today and we've sent them away, these blood tests should be back by Monday morning. Also, Shauna's done her physio test today, proving that her spirit is strong however her body is weakening. Dr Elche has requested the physio therapist to diarise some regular sessions with Shauna to strengthen her muscles and body. Dr Elche advised that the stronger her muscles become, the more her body is able to endure. Shauna's willpower is what gives her most of the strength she needs now however her willpower does not change the amount of pain her body's able to endure. Another test run was a scan to spot any "unseen" tumors, this will help Shauna's doctors determine their next move and according to her surgeon Dr Adams, it must be done weekly to ensure that there are no surprises while Shauna continues with her treatments. Dr Elche has advised that for now, treatments will be scheduled for twice a week over the next 2-3 weeks and thereafter, every alternate day. Provided that there are no complications.

With all this, Shauna's smile and spirit remains in tact. She's proud of having come this far, and looks forward to further battles ahead, no matter how hopeless it seems.

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