Saturday, 30 July 2011

busy day

Today had its own interesting turn of events. Shauna got to visit the Plumstead branch for an hour to spend time with the children in the oncology unit. She was so happy for finally see those little ones. With all her pains, she managed to pluck her courage and talk to them and tell them one of her Justice League stories. The Justice League has started to mean just as much to those children because of her. When she first told them about The Justice League, she made name banners for each of them with the name of one of the heroes from the league. She put one at every bed, and when she tells her stories, it feels more lifelike to them. And they start feeling like those heroes.

This is only a piece of what she does. And she's making that difference to those children. It really feels good knowing someone as amazing as Shauna is.

For now, I need to buzz off... This was just a quick post. Tomorrow's may bear some interesting information ;-)


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